Archimedes auto tracking solar furnace

Archimedes auto tracking solar furnace

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Over the past few months I have been working on this, a sky dish with loads of mirrors on it that follows the sun to keep concentrated solar energy on a focal point throughout the day. I like feedback so please feel free to submit comments

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  • nice job

  • @goodoldpaper Thanks

  • This is quite the setup! Would be cool to see it in action.

    It's hard to suggest improvments without knowing the arduino or seeing it in action, but it looks like your sensor is pointing towards the focal point. Should it not be set to be paralell to the incomming rays?

  • @Raklestad235 Yeah you are right, but I haven't made a mount for it yet and I have been playing Civ V for the past week so work on it kinda stalled. I'm also redesigning the stepper motor gearing mechanism to incorporate 2 welded bicycle forks on it because in Scotland there's no way my current setup will survive the wind up here. Thanks for your support I'll do an update running up to Xmas. Also funds have run a bit dry because its Lexi's Bday next week and she goes mental when I drill and saw

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  • very niceee!!!!!!! this is deff a little more intricate than mine... but very nice solar concentrator...

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